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24 - 26 augustus meditative writingweekend in the North of Holland




In this meditatieve writingweekend you travel - with the pen in your hand - through your inside world. What is living inside of you? You contact your organic ability to create. This abillity is just as natural as the pounding of your heart, the breathing of your longs. It belongs to you - as a human creating being.

We tap into the wild creative current, that flows through each of us. There in the wilderness of words we find how we can express ourselves deeply, wisely, surprisingly and lively. Words that touch the essence of you and your life.








At the samen there is peace and silence: we are already there. Nothing to add. We rest in meditations, surrender ourselves to Pacha Mama - mother earth. We enjoy the moments there is no language. To experience very directly who and where we are.

We do not talk, also not during the meals. So less energy goes to the chattering of the mind, or language as a distraction from yourself, or building 'an image' of ourselves with words and stories. Without talking, we can really be together, meet eachtother and create a communal writing energy.
From this silent source new fresh words can be born on paper.

This course is open to people with and without writing/meditation experience.

In the mornings until lunch there will be teachings on writing and guided mediations and creative writing exercises.
In the afternoon you have plenty of time for your own writing. Writing on your book, story, blog, personal reflections. Or you can make a walk, take a rest. What you like.
In the evening I also offer a program.

There is enough time for personal interviews with Nanda in which you can share/ connect / brainstorm. Thereare also some possibilities to read out your text, if you like.

In advance Nanda has a personal contact moment with each particitpant, to see how this weekend will support you and your writing and longings best.

We are staying in the spiritual centre Pacha Mama, in Friesland, the North of Holland, near Leeuwarden. We have a spacious green writing- and meditationhall and enough single rooms, to have space for yourself. The meals cooked for us will be vegetarian.







'Nanda offers a great mix of depth, structure, lightness, humor and freedom.' - Nellie

Nanda is a journalist, writer, mindfulnesstrainer, meditator, sailor, India traveller and mother. She has written three books and since 15 years writing and teaching writing is her passion and work. She guides and empowers writers who want to follow their dream. She has been studying with Natalie Goldberg in the United States and France. She has her own office/trainingcentre in Utrecht and her speciality is 'Lifefiction' - a way to combine your autobiographic story with creative fiction.

'Nanda's way of working helps you to find your own authentic voice.' - Marion


Friday 24 augustus 17 uur - sunday 26 augustus 17 uur

Total course plus single room: 585 euro
Total course plus doubleroom: 565 euro

This price comes from:
Course: 276,50 
Costs material / traveling / renting the place: 74,74
Tax: 73,76
Total: 425

(to pay straight to Pacha Mama)
Single room, incl food and drinks: 160 euro
Double room, incl food and drinks: 140 euro
(only availalbe if there is someone to share a room with)

Spiritueel centrum Pacha Mama, Lekkum

REGISTER/ MORE INFORMATION: Nanda@wonder-word.nl / nandahuneman@gmail.com